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Gypsum Board Production Line

Paper faced gypsum board production line adopts advanced technology. We adopts the horizontal flow, vertical airflow heat exchanger heating system, the raw material feeding system and edge cutting and edge sealing and edge grinding and recycling system and stacking system are all controlled by computer. All the whole line is full automation.


1) The machine guarantee 1 years except the easy worn parts such as
bearings, electric buttons.
2) machine installation and commission: 2 to 4 months when the buyer
prepare the installation and commission conditions.
3) we offer engineers train the buyers' worker to operate the machine and
 after you master the machine then pay us the installation and commission payment.
4) In order to guarantee the machine running, each year we will send engineer to
check and development the technology with the buyer.
5) If the buyer can not run the machine well then we will send the production engineers to
help the buyer to run the machine, and we can cooperate for long terms.


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