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Wool Board Production Line Equipment

Wool Board Production Line Equipment,welcome to contact us.

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Components of whole set sanwichpanel machine:
Roll forming mahine and Sandwich panel press machine

Wool Board Production Line Equipment
Sandwich panel is a compound line, contain roll forming machine and sandwich panel rolling system. The whole line is controlled by the PLC control center.

The material is steel sheet coil, its thickness can be 0.4-0.6mm, width can be 1250mm, the hydraulic strength ≤235MP. The stuffing is EPS or Rock Wool.

Processing speed: 0-8000mm/min (The speed can be adjusted)

The length of the whole line: 40m

The available Length of sandwich panel: as your need

Control center: PLC

Power of main motor: 40kw

Power source: 380V/3phase/50 Hz

Air pressure: 0.7MP (you can control by yourself)

The best working temperature: 25oC.

Material of roller: C45steel hard chrome plating

aterial of blade: Cr12


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