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Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

Calcium silicate plate is made of siliceous material, calcium material, reinforced fiber, etc. ,as raw material , after pulping, molding, steaming, drying, edging, and other processes produced,The crystal of torbemollite (c5s6h5) is produced by reaction of siliceous and calcareous materials under high temperature and pressure, and its performance is stable. So this kind of board has fire prevention, moisture proof, durable, deformation rate low, thermal insulation and other characteristics.
The calcium silicate plate can be made into cement pressure plate by changing the formula, adding equipment and processing section, and expanding its use within the scope of meeting the purpose of calcium silicate plate.

Commercial buildings: commercial buildings, entertainment venues, shopping malls, hotels, industrial buildings; factories, warehouses, residential buildings; new homes, renovated public places; hospitals, theaters, stations.
Is the wall, ceiling, flooring, furniture, road noise, sound-absorbing barrier, ship bulkheads and duct and other industrial boards and sound-absorbing walls, ceiling sound, pouring walls, composite wall panels and other fields.


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