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Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Suppliers

Asbestos-free calcium silicate board production line using advanced "flow method", not only for non-asbestos production, asbestos production can be achieved, the production of raw materials to achieve diversity, the molding equipment is very advanced, there is no environmental impact , To achieve green and safe production, to achieve green safety sheet. Building non-asbestos calcium silicate board production line for the country, society, enterprises have an important social and economic significance, its development prospects and sales prospects have a very beautiful future.

The main raw material
1. siliceous material: Quartz powder, diatomite, fly ash and so on.
2. Calcium materials: Lime powder, cement.
3. Enhanced fiber: wood paper fiber, wollastonite, cotton fiber and so on.
4. Consumption
The main raw material consumption table


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