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Our company invested a lot of money, introduced excellent technology, and developed a new product: extruded polystyrene foam board equipment. Factory batch production and stable product quality. The construction is simple, the operation is completed at one time, the cycle is short, and the efficiency is high. Various color patterns can be made according to design requirements, or multiple foaming agents can be shared, one machine is multi-purpose, the whole process is automatically controlled by a central computer, and the production process is intelligent.

We have obtained ISO 9001, CE certificates. Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are also exported to clients in such countries and regions as Russia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South Asia. We also welcome OEM and OD Morders. Whether selecting a current product from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your application, you can talk to our customer service center about your sourcing requirements.


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