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Fiberglass Board Equipment Wuxing

Service life
The main material is gypsum, cement, grid, perlite, plant sand and other internal physical reaction through the formation of stable high strength and toughness of the crystal structure, the service life so it can maintain the same life with the main building. No need to renovate the second renovation costs
As the surface of glass fiber reinforced gypsum board without paper, the core composite material by physical reaction forming bubble more than 48 hours without obvious soft phenomenon, can be recovered after drying, which can effectively resist the large-scale decoration works due to leakage caused by the surface off , Mildew and other phenomena, reduce waste and reduce maintenance costs.
As the glass fiber reinforced gypsum board surface without paper, the surface has formed a good density gypsum grassroots, special production process to ensure high strength and flatness, just handle the seam, the surface of a small amount of putty repair and grinding, you can Rapid formation of a flat coating base


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