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Gypsum Board Equipment Suppliers

Gypsum Board Equipment Suppliers Description
We have rich experience in gypsum board production line field. Our general engineer has over 20years experience, other main engineers all have over 10years experience, proficient in the newest gypsum board production line design and manufacturing. With over 100 projects in domestic and abroad markets, we can ensure you a successful project.

Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

Equipment advantages
1.Fine workmanship, high precision, reliable quality, beautiful appearance.

2.Accurate dosing raw material, foam standing is our patent, produce the board of light weight, good toughness and cost savings,

3.The cutting machine uses dual-serve motor, only1 mm gap between cutting saw, saving cost .

4.We adopt the hot air irculation, drying room temperature is uniform, the board has high strength and is not fragile.

5.High electrical automation degree, low failure rate, less workers.

Detail Images

Dosing system

Application :used to dosing and mixing suitable raw material to get gypsum powder


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