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Gypsum Board Making Machine Suppliers

Shijiazhuang Wuxing Machinery Co., Ltd. may be a comprehensive machinery producing enterprise desegregation research project, Gypsum Board Making Machine Suppliers,development and producing. Since 1995, it's been concerned within the analysis and development of paper plasterboard production instrumentation. in line with the assembly characteristics of plasterboard, combined with China's national conditions, it's developed Associate in Nursing investment.

Gypsum Board Making Machine Suppliers

 The series assembly line with few and fast results has been popularized and promoted, and Jinzhou has become one amongst the assembly bases of plasterboard in China. In recent years, the corporate has been committed to analysis and development and implementation of energy saving and consumption reduction, safety and environmental protection, reducing labor intensity, rising automation, rising yield and rising the general quality of paper plasterboard production, and has created major breakthroughs and utterly modified the initial. The change of integrity and drying method of the ingredients will save five hundredth of investment, save five hundredth of electricity, half-hour of coal, cut back check price by five hundredth, and greatly improve product quality.



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