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Gypsum Board Production Line China

Gypsum Board Production Line China,if you need our products,We look forward to establishing long-term cooperation with you

High quality full automatic gypsum  production line , gypsum board production line  :

Gypsum board production line is composed of raw material supply system, the system board systems, conveyor systems, horizontal systems, drying systems, the panel system, cutting systems, and other components used in the production of gypsum board special equipment .

Gypsum Board Production Line

Reserve slurry tank slurry metering pump into the mixer using after using dynamic foaming device foam blowing agent into the mixer, coagulant and gypsum powder using automatic metering belt, said metered into the mixer, then all primary excipients in a blender mixed into qualified gypsum slurry.
Description: All the main materials are added encompasses automatic control system, with different line speed automatically adjust to accommodate large-scale, high-speed requirements


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