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Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment Factory

Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

Introduction of gypsum board/panel production line:

1. Production capacity: 2 to 20 million m2/year

2. Raw materials for production:
Gypsum, shielding paper, modified starch, foaming agent, glue and water

3. Fuel: Natural gas, diesel, heavy oil, coal

4. Specification of final product:
Thickness: 8mm-20mm
Width: 1200mm, 1220mm or 1250mm
Length: 1800-4500mm (adjustable)

Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

production capacity

2 to 30million square meter per year

final product variety

common paper-faced gypsum board

fire resistance paper-faced gypsum board

water resisitance paper-faced gypsum board

product specification

thickness from 5-15mm

length from 2400-3600mm

width from 1200-1220mm


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