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The working principle of boiling furnace drying system:

The technology of FD - chamber boiling furnace technology can effectively prevent the mixing of raw materials with gypsum powder in the process of calcining .

Traditional calcining technologies such as vertical boiling furnace , rotary kiln ,general boiling furnace, etc.Due to the effect of mixing function of the machinery and air flow, dihydrate gypsum ,semi-hydratedgypsum and anhydrite gypsum three-phase blending mutually in the process of boiling dehydration,It is inevitable that the phase composition of the final product will be polyphasic, and the product quality index will be reduced significantly.

FD - chamber fluid bed calcining process changes according to the temperature curve of gypsum powder , artificially divide calcining process into four relatively independent dehydration space, effectively avoid the phenomenon of high and low temperature material blending and the composition of the final product was improved .In the 1 and 2 areas of the main calcining furnace, high temperature heat transfer technology is adopted to rapidly heat and dehydrate the materials that have just entered the FD- chamber boiling furnace, and slowly dehydrate in the 3 and 4 areas.

Under the action of high pressure wind, the whole material presents a fluid boiling state, which improves the efficiency of heat transfer and mass transfer in gas and solid powder.


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