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Gypsum Powder Production Line Price

Gypsum Powder Production Line products,looking for Gypsum Powder Production Line?here we can supply you.

Our factory have been specialized in making full automatic gypsum powder production line for more years with the up-to-date technology and experienced research and develop team.

Process introduction of full automatic gypsum powder manufacturing line

Gypsum Powder Production Line Price

The crusher breaks large gypsum rock into small particles of less than 25 mm in diameter, the particles go through storage and transportation equipments into the mill for grinding, use a powder concentrator to select qualified gypsum powder of required fineness and send them into the boiling furnace for calcination. The left unqualified particles will return to the mill for regrinding until meet the requirement. Calcined qualified gypsum powder will be send into the clinker silo for storage or to the workshop for use.


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