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Gypsum Powder Production Line

Slurrying and Proportioning System
Mix the quantitative raw materials with the gauging water well in the dissolving tank and then the slurry is thrown to the rotating crystal kettle by the slurry delivery pump.

Warming and Rotating Crystal System
The gypsum slurry which has entered the rotating crystal kettle by taking advantage of the saturated vapor is heated circularly to the specified temperature and pressure. The temperature and the pressured are maintained according to the set time until it is completed.

Separation System
Drain the gypsum slurry in the rotating crystal kettle into the gypsum separating unit for solid-liquid separation.

Drying System
Deliver the separated solid-phase wet powder to the drying system. The dried powders enter the cyclone separator and the bag-type dust remover and are collected to the intermediate bin.

Finished Product Packaging System
After the finished high-strength gypsum powders are packaged in the quantitative way or by ton, they will be put in storage.

Gypsum Powder Production Line


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