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Light Mineral Wool Board Production Line

Sound insulation: Through ceiling materials effectively cut off the noise of each room, creating a quiet indoor environment. The company is located in;
Fire resistance: To prevent fire is the most important issue of modern public buildings and high-rise building design, mineral wool board is made of non-combustible mineral wool as the main raw material in the event of a fire will not produce combustion, thus effectively preventing the spread of fire , Is the most ideal fire ceiling material. The company is located in;
Decorative: Mineral wool sound-absorbing board surface treatment forms rich, strong decorative plate. Surface treated knurled mineral wool board, commonly known as "caterpillars", the surface covered with shades, shapes, different pore sizes holes. Another "gypsophila", the surface of different depths of aperture. After milling forming three-dimensional mineral wool board, the surface made into small squares, different width stripes and other forms. There is also a relief-type mineral wool board, after the die-forming, beautiful surface pattern, the center flowers, cross flowers, walnut lines and other shapes, is a good decorative ceiling profiles.


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