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Looking for Calcium Silicate Board Production Line

Looking for Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Use place:
Fiber strengthened metallic element salt Board is additionally named metallic element salt Board, that is created from chemical element materials, metallic element materials and specific amount of fiber. it's made when many procedures like pulp preparation, forming, autoclaving, drying, sprucing and after-processing. it's benefits like lightweight in weight, high in strength, sensible in process and straightforward in decorating, and it may has performances of warmth insulation and fireplace fighting. 

Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Equipment 

Commercial buildings: business buildings, recreation venues, searching malls, hotels, industrial buildings; factories, warehouses, residential buildings; new homes, restored public places; hospitals, theaters, stations.
Is the wall, ceiling, flooring, furniture, road noise, sound-absorbing barrier, ship bulkheads and duct and different industrial boards and sound-absorbing walls, ceiling sound, running walls, composite wall panels and different fields.


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