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gypsum board production line for sale

gypsum board production line for sale

Paper supply system
The special pneumatic shaft
Magnetic powder brake
Exact paper connection device
High definition automatic device
High definition automatic alignment device
2.Mixing system
Mainly consists of paper slurry,foaming agent,starch,water and additive etc
All slurry has the feedback signal of level indication and chain control each batching process according to the process requirement
3.Forming system
This part is mainly the forming of wet gypsum board

gypsum board production line for sale
 Can be adjusted manually
4.Conveying system
This part is composed of two sets solidification belt machine and one conveying roller machine.
The three machines need to run synchronically.

Gypsum Board Production Line
2 million m2/y~50 million m2/y (thickness of 9.5mm)
Full automatic
Drying system:
Hot air stove drying system
Natural gas, heavy oil, coal and diesel
Main raw materials:
Gypsum powder, modified starch, foaming agent, glue and protective paper
Dimension of final product:
Thickness: 8mm-20mm
Width: 1200mm or 1220mm
Length: 2400mm~3600mm(adjustable)
We can design and manufacture products of other dimensions as clients' special requirement.


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