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Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line China

Gypsum is the ideal surface for a wall because it has the same PH value and thermal conductivity properties as the human skin. Building materials made of gypsum always feel warm when touched. This is no deception as gypsum possesses low thermal conductivity properties. As a result, gypsum building materials store warmth within a building. Nature has presented us with a highly effective moisture management system in gypsum. The gypsum can absorb a lot of humidity through its open and crystalline pores and then automatically releases this moisture when a room becomes too dry. This works as often as necessary, and without consuming energy. Paperless gypsum board works much better as skin for the wall and ceiling tile.

Traditional gypsum board is paper faced.  Now we have developed our new product, paperless gypsum board. Accordingly, our paperless gypsum board is developed. More gypsum nature, whiter color and more strength!


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