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Refined Cotton Shredder Manufacturers

This crusher can superfinely pulverize film, fibrous materials and heat-sensitive materials, and is especially suitable for ultra-fine Fine crushing, widely used in chemical, plastic, rubber, paper and other industries.

1. High output: The number of moving and static knives is increased on the basis of the original crusher. The moving and static knives form a certain cutting angle, which has a very high cutting effect. Specifications can control the fineness and output of the product. The test machine output reaches 600-800 kg at 80 mesh.

2. Water cooling: The important parts are cooled by flowing water. This not only increases the service life of the equipment, but also ensures that the temperature of the raw materials will not rise during the production process, which guarantees the viscosity and quality of the product.

3. Anti-flying knife technology: The flying knife accident of the shredder is a frequent mechanical accident of the shredder. In view of this feature, we have designed a moving knife locking device to achieve human-machine safety.


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