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Where to Buy Gypsum Board Production Line

Paper faced gypsum board is a kind of lightweight construction board(made with calcined natural gypsum or outgrowth of chemistry)use the construction gypsum and face paper as the primary raw material, mixed with relevant fiber, modified starch, speed freezemeter, vesicant and water; Produced through mixed, molded, froze, incised and dried such working procedure.
Paper faced board is Lightweight, fireproofing, soundproof, dampproof, heat insulation, and have a good capability that can be nailed, cut planed, its good for tooling, knocked-down, easy for completion, and can enlarge the space.
Its widely be used in industry construction, civil construction, especially used as crossbanding for interior of high buildings, such as: used for unload wall board and ceiling board.
The gypsum board production line was based on the inland and overseas equipments that have been improved and innovated.
It reached an absolute automatic level in self-mixing, self-molding, self-supplying, self-outputting, self-turning, self-cutting. We can provide different grades (high, medium, low) production line according to the require of customers

Where to Buy Gypsum Board Production Line


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