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gypsum board manufacturing machine

Gypsum board,with two sides of paper, is mixed with appropriate Additive and Enhanced Fiber. The gypsum board is first invented in 1890 in America, then came into Europe in 1917. The gypsum board spread quickly, since it is light, warm, insulated, fire-resistant, green and easy to operate. It is
estimated that the gypsum board annual output reached 1,9billion square meter in 1997. 80% of walling materials uses gypsum board. Almost all the residential construction in America uses the gypsum board as the Internal Wall Material. As for the per capital consumption, it is 13.2 square meter per year in Canada, 8.1 square meters in America, 4.4 square meters in Japan and French, 2.6 square meters in United Kingdom. But in China, the per capita consumption is no more than 0.3 square meters per year; it is far lower than the consumption level in other countries. The gypsum board is popular in the past 100 years because of its high performance.


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gypsum board manufacturing machine,Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment manufacturers

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