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gypsum board manufacturing machine factory

The gypsum board making machine  is used to make gypsum board, including regular gypsum board, water-proof gypsum board, fire-proof gypsum board. The gypsum board making  machine is made with latest technology, energy-saving, and fully automatic. Gypsum board laminating machine line is to laminate film and board.

Firstly, eliminate dirt of board, that is on the feeding roller, then coat glue on the board. once it's feeding by suggests that of guide roll, adhensive being fastened position and film get in composite structure. This method includes double press roll, pinch roll and forming roll. The plasterboard creating machine's process: stuff preparation, mixing, forming, setting, cutting, wet transfer, drying, dry transfer, trimming and stacking. we have a tendency to ar plasterboard creating machine makers,If you're inquisitive about any of our merchandise, please be happy to contact US.. additional info of our merchandise are forwarded to you upon receipt of your specific inquiry.


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gypsum board manufacturing machine,Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment manufacturers

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