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gypsum board production line price

Gypsum board production line price

Raw material is transported and lifted to feeding hopper, after measurement it comes to vertical mixer. Face and back paperboard are lifted to each shelf. They are tensioned with special tension unit. Mixed material from vertical mixer falls down to back paperboard, then formed into shape and covered with face paperboard, after last flattening the semi finished plasterboard is completed.

Gypsum board production line

1. Dosing system, to get the qualified gypsum powder slurry
2. Paper supply system, to supply cover paper for gypsum board
3. Forming/solidification system, to form and solidify slurry into board
4. Automatic cutting system, to cut board into required length
5. Transit system, to horizontally transport the cut plate to distributor
6. Distribution system, to transit gypsum board into different story/layer of drying system
7. Drying system, to dry gypsum board by heat
8. Discharging and packing system


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