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small gypsum board manufacturing plant

1 .Raw material supplying system
Raw material is transported and lifted to feeding hopper, after measurement it comes to vertical mixer. Face and back paperboard are lifted to each shelf. They are tensioned with special tension unit. Mixed material from vertical mixer falls down to back paperboard, then formed into shape and covered with face paperboard, after last flattening the semi finished plasterboard is completed.

It will mix the raw material completely.
Vesicant and starch and powder and water will be blended in the mixer.

3.Conveying system
Semi-finished plasterboard from formation section is automatically edge trimmed into continuous palsterboard, conveyed to concreting station and automatically cut.

4. Transferring system
Transferring section Concreted plasterboard automatically transferred and cut in middle, saving raw material.

5. Drying system
Plasterboard Transferred automatically into drying room which has shelves 5-storey or 6-storey supporting 2 lapped sheets, with 50m, 60m, 70m, and 90meters length range.


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