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Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Suppliers

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Fiber cement exterior wall board introduces the international advance technology to produce the multifunctional molding pressed and flat cement and flat fiber panel,which has good features of the light weight,fireproof,waterproof,mildew proof,mouse proof,termite proof,sound insulation,heat preservation,chemical resistance,high tensile,,long lasting and environment-friendly.
Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Suppliers
1.Climate resistance
The exterior wall can exposed to bad climates such as sunlight and rain etc.
2.   Durability
It adopts the “steaming kettle curing”approach of harding the bottom panel of exterior wall decorative material in the high temperature and pressure steaming kettle,which makes it deformation.
3.    Muose and insect proof
It adopts special technology ,which the mice and termites dare not burrow,insects can not live.
4.    Fireproof
When fire occurs,The exterior wall decorative panel with superior fire resistance propertiles and will not cause crack,cast or chap due to fire.
5.    Sound insulation
6.    Impact resistance
It containsplant and wood fiber in the internal and exterior wall panel,so it has the fine tenacity,aging resistance and resistance to impact.


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