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Fiberglass Board Equipment Suppliers

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1 Calcined mineral powder, water and different additives enter into the mixer by automatic metering and transfer system. mineral suspension, generated from mixer when combination, would be equally scattered on the surface of continuous moving bottom paper.

2 With continuous moving and moving, mineral suspension can bit by bit diffuse and equally scattered on the surface of moving bottom paper. Then it goes into the forming machine and compound with high paper. By the method of extruding and forming, the suspension would sealed by high paper and bottom paper and bottom paper. Thus, pulpous gypsum board is made.

Fiberglass Board Equipment

3 whereas it sent by setting belt, wet plasterboard bit by bit shaped when board shaping, natural activity and automatic casting. The wet boards, organized by programmed system, quickly enter into the appliance, through rollers, belt conveyor and board turnover.

4 underneath strict controls in temperature zones of appliance, the wet board dried by completely different temperature hot air blow. changed starch would continue the paper. The dry mineral boards would be transported out of appliance.

5 Then the board would be turned once more and collapsable along ( face inside), delve bound finished product size and edge sealed.

6 Finally, it involves automatic laborer for stacking. Then may be transported to warehouse by self-propelled vehicle when stacking.


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