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Calcium Silicate Line

Calcium Silicate Line,if you need our products,you can contact us.Wuxing will take the "creating value for customers" as our own responsibility, adhere to the "integrity-based, mutual benefit and win-win" principle, and provide professional technology and omni-directional series of services for our partners.

Calcium Silicate Line

(a)  The  low-pressure type circuit mixing head is designed small and portable with motionless convection and rigid component, no abrasion, no need for expendables, no dead space, no remain material, no block up and excellent mixing of raw material compared with high-pressure ..
(b)  The double mezzanine material tank is airtight to keep the raw material fresh. It is designed with spiral penstock and can heat and cool quickly and smoothly.
(c)  The machine is controlled by inverter and precise metering pump. It can easily set the material flow ratio with large adjustable range. The circle flow and injection are designed with separate speed control to keep the similarity of circle flow pressure and injection pressure. This can ensure the injection quantity consistently during the operation.
(d)  The stainless filter can be removed and cleaned easily. To filter the impurity of raw material can increase the operation life of the pump.
(e)  The auto-washing equipment is designed for long life operation and can work independently even the electricity is shutdown to ensure the mixing head not to be blocked.
(f)   Auto material feeding system can automatically check and feed the raw material to the tank to sustain the supply.
(g)  The swing spray system can spray the resin evenly on the panel to provide the consistent foam density.


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