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Light Mineral Wool Board Production Line

Mineral wool board mining high quality mineral wool as the main raw material, 100% free of asbestos, acicular dust will not appear, will not enter the body through the respiratory tract, harmless to the human body. The use of composite fiber and mesh base coating, greatly improving the impact resistance, deformation resistance. Mineral wool internal structure was three-dimensional cross-mesh structure, adequate internal space, solid structure, greatly improving their ability to absorb noise and noise than ordinary mineral wool board sound absorption increased by 1 to 2 times. Internal moisture and auxiliary agents to add moisture, both increasing the surface fiber resistance, effective binder stability, to maintain plate strength, and can regulate indoor humidity and improve living environment. Nano-antibacterial agent flooding the interior of the plate, can effectively mold, sterilization, antibacterial regeneration, greatly improving the scope of application, it can be applied to have the requirements of antibacterial, sterile aseptic environment. The addition of rare earth inorganic composite material enables the mineral wool board to have surface activity, strongly adsorbs and decomposes toxic substances such as formaldehyde generated during the decoration process, and has the chemical property of an ion exchanger so as to effectively increase the concentration of oxygen ions in the air. Greatly improved living space. The addition of expanded perlite with fireproof and heat insulation functions effectively reduces the cost of refrigeration and heating and meets the energy-saving and consumption-reducing needs of people in the new era.


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