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Gypsum Powder Production Line Wuxing

Gypsum Powder Production Line

The gypsum materials from crushing process, they will be conveying into mill silo pass through bucket elevator and screw conveyor. These gypsum materials will be evenly feed into mill via vibrating feeder, the small size gypsum materials will become to gypsum powder due to the grinding effect, gypsum powder will go out of mill with wind, and will be chosen by powder separator which is on the top of mill, the qualified fineness of powder are separated from the top of mill, other unqualified powder will return into mill for grind again. The qualified powder through cyclone dust collector and bag-type splitter will gather into screw convey, and then bucket elevator & screw conveyor transport gypsum powder to calcination process, the surplus powder will be storage into raw material silo through screw conveyor.


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