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Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

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Production Capacity of gypsum board production line:
2million m² /year 4million m² /year
5million m² /year 6million m² /year
8million m² /year 10million m² /year
15million m² /year 20million m² /year

Raw Materials Consumption for per Square Meter Gypsum Board:
Land Plaster: 6.8kg/m²
Modified starch: 0.035kg/m²
Foaming agent: 0.008kg/m²
Glue: 0.005kg/m²
Fiberglass (Not need badly): 0.025kg/m²
Electricity: 0.3kwh/m²
Water: 4.8kg/m²
Heavy oil: 11000kcal/kg Heat consumption: 3800kcal/m²
Natural gas: 8500kcal/m³ Heat consumption: 3800kcal/m²


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