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gypsum board manufacturing machine

gypsum board manufacturing machine

Working time: 24hours/day and three hundred operating days/year

Raw material: mineral powder, shielding paper, changed starch, foaming agent, glue

Fuel: fossil fuel, diesel, significant oil or coal

Product quality and specification:
1) the merchandise is in compliance with National customary GB/T9775-2008
2) Product specification:
Length: 2400mm~3600mm
Width: 1200mm or 1220mm
Thickness: 8mm-20mm

gypsum board manufacturing machine

Main process:
1)Raw material blending;
3)Wet board/panel conveying;
5)Dry board/panel conveying;
6)Finished product stacking and storage.


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gypsum board manufacturing machine,Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment manufacturers

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