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gypsum board manufacturing machine factory

gypsum board manufacturing machine
We offer engineer train the buyers' workers to operate the machine and after you master the machine then pay us the installation and commission payment. In order to guarantee the machine running each year. we will send engineer to check and development the technology with the buyer.

2million to thirty million sqm (based on thickness of nine.5mm mineral board)

gypsum board manufacturing machine

Product specification:
Length: 2400mm~3600mm
Width: 1200mm or 1220mm
Thickness: 8mm-20mm

Raw material: mineral powder(natural mineral, content of CaSO4·1/2H2O is over 75%/ desulfurization gypsum), shielding paper, changed starch, foaming agent, glue
Fuel: fossil fuel, diesel, significant oil or coal
Product quality and specification:
the merchandise is in compliance with National commonplace GB/T9775-2008


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gypsum board manufacturing machine,Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment manufacturers

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